International business restructuring and deoffshorization 2017-07-12T12:28:36+00:00

International business restructuring and deoffshorization

EBS offers the following services in the field of international business restructuring and deoffshorization:

1. Risk analysis of the existing international corporate structure and economic relations
Risk analysis is carried out considering:

  • Ukrainian legislation regulations (including the transfer pricing rules and currency restrictions, announced deoffshorization measures);
  • agreements regulations on double taxation avoidance, considering OECD Model Tax Convention comments;
  • foreign legislation requirements concerning the company’s actual presence (substance), beneficiaries disclosure, automatic exchange of the tax information;
  • risks concerning losing control over the foreign part structure, and other relevant circumstances.

2. Development of the  alternative options of corporate structures and economic relations structures for the existing risks leveling.

3. Consultancy on the anti-offshore regulations implementation and  possible effects, as well as on application of the international agreements regulations  on double taxation avoidance and other issues regarding international tax planning.