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Real Estate

1.        LAND ISSUES

  • Guidance for the acquisition of lands, extending lease contract for land plots, and recording amendments to the contract (a change of tenant, change in the period of the contract’s validity)
  • Approval of the draft for allotting land under lease or property ownership
  • Privatization of land plots, allotment of land as private property
  • Registration of land plots with the State Land Cadaster (the formation of land plots in the national cadastral system is based on land use documentation, the assignment of a cadastral number)
  • Subdividing land plots in kind and amalgamating plots
  • Changing the designated purpose of the land
  • Registration of property rights (utilization, lease)


  • Preparation of documents for the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate
  • Assistance in the acquisition of collateral real estate
  • Property management
  • Real estate investments
  • Legal support for transactions for the purposes of real estate acquisition


  • Commissioning real estate property (receiving a declaration of readiness or relevant compliance certificates)
  • Making measurements, producing technical certificates
  • Legalizing design alterations, renovations, reconstruction, and unauthorized construction
  • Receiving and registering property rights

4.        DESIGN

  • Organizational and pre-design work at the stage of allocating land plots for construction, consulting with and conclusions by experts in various fields of design and construction
  • All kinds of engineering and survey work (geodesy, geology)
  • Architectural and construction design, complex project documentation for construction
  • Design of engineering networks and engineering systems for buildings and structures
  • Engineering works in construction