For more than two years, EBS has been a partner for the company Winner in Ukraine within the framework of a project on organizing and documenting business processes at all levels.

EBS’ professional participation is actively used by the company’s top management when it comes to creating / changing the internal policy regarding the functioning of organizational units and also mutual relations with a dealer network.

The company’s consultants carry out their duties at the highest standard. In addition, they help inspire us to not stop with our organizational development, and to pay attention to not only the dynamic growth of our business, but also to working on developing and implementing clear rules regarding staff performance.

Bogdan Kulchitskii

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Water World

EBS has been a financial partner and advisor to the company Water World for six years. During this period, thanks to a strong EBS team and their responsible approach to work, our company was able to obtain a set of high-quality services and advice in the field of accounting and tax accounting, financial planning and budgeting, as well as investment. Thanks to the work they performed with a high level of professionalism, Water World was able to make a number of administrative decisions that contributed to developing our business in general.

The EBS company’s highly qualified staff are always ready to provide full and detailed advice on any matters arising in the course of doing business. We can confidently recommend EBS to our partners and customers. We believe in maintaining our existing business and friendly relations, and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

We wish the EBS company and all its staff well-being and prosperity, and that they achieve new heights in their business!

S.A. Tsybulya, Executive Director of ‘Public company ‘Aquavit’

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Benneton Real Estate International S.A

Benetton Real Estate International S.A entrusted EBS to manage its first subsidiary in Ukraine. Apart from the normal activities connected with administering the company (with particular reference to accounting and book-keeping), EBS’ legal skills ensured the full coverage of our needs as an intermediate holding company.

Daniel Bandiziol, Director of Benetton Real Estate International S.A


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CFS Ukraine

The deep professional knowledge and long-term experience of EBS accountants are transformed into the capacity to work effectively in various conditions, which are shaped by existing differences between Ukrainian accounting standards and international financial reporting standards. The company CFS Ukraine is completely satisfied with the level of services provided by EBS and highly appreciates EBS’ contribution to our successful and convenient operation within Ukraine.

Leonid Carabut, Director of CFS Ukraine

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De Agostini Ukraine

The ‘De Agostini’ company has been collaborating with EBS virtually since the beginning of its activity in Ukraine. Thanks to their professional resolution of complex, non-standard problems, which require creative thinking, we consider EBS to be one of our most reliable partners in Ukraine.

Oksana Potebenko, Financial Manager of De Agostini Ukraine


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Within the scope of our USAID / FINREP-II program for developing the financial sector, we worked with EBS experts in 2014 and 2015 on a program for training two non-governmental organizations (UFPAA and UACAA) in order that they conduct a preliminary study on official non-American non-governmental organizations (NUPAS).

In the period of cooperation, EBS proved itself to be a highly qualified, responsible and productive team of professional consultants and auditors, who understands their clients and is able to find an individualized approach to solving any problems.

We are grateful to the staff at EBS for their professional attitude to work, their ability to understand clients’ needs, and their readiness to perform the assigned tasks.

V.D. Stetsenko, Executive Director of the USAID / FINREP-II Program

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