Yves Rocher Ukraine

‘Yves Rocher Ukraine’ has considerable experience successfully cooperating with the EBS consulting firm in regards to legal service activities of our company on the territory of Ukraine.

We appreciate the quality of our colleagues from EBS and their efficiency, professionalism and loyalty. ‘Yves Rocher Ukraine’ plans to continue to involve EBS lawyers in order to resolve the various legal issues arising in the course of our company doing business in Ukraine.

Considering the above, we consider it necessary to recommend the EBS consulting firm as a reliable partner for providing legal services.

E.V. Skorik, Director

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LLC “Kviza Trade”

EBS was our partner for a project aimed at developing a corporate governance system.

The project included the development of the policies and procedures required for implementing the new corporate management system, the development of the company’s organizational structure, the development of job descriptions, and the introduction of the new corporate governance system.

During the course of the project, all of our company’s directors noted the high level of professionalism of EBS consultants, including their deep understanding of the business, their ability to communicate effectively at any level of the company’s hierarchy, and their excellent knowledge of global best practices and legislation in the field of corporate governance.

It was obvious that EBS employees are really interested in achieving the best result of the project and that they work with maximum efficiency and impact.

We are pleased to recommend EBS as a reliable and professional partner.

Yours faithfully,

Svetlana Nikolenko, Human Resources Director at LLC “Kviza Trade”

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Wizz Air

When Wizz Air decided to enter the Ukrainian market, the company searched for a reliable and highly professional local partner to handle the financial part of our business activities. The EBS team was able to understand our needs and internal policies, as well as provide the relevant range of accounting and payroll outsourcing services.

We emphasize the commitment of EBS employees, who did their best to deliver excellent performance, which exceeded our expectations and ultimately created a strong results-oriented team between EBS and Wizz Air staff.

Andriy Brizytskyy, Financial Manager, WIZZ Air

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Freescale Semiconductor Ukraine LLC

Freescale Semiconductor has a successful experience of collaboration with EBS, which began in June 2004. Freescale Semiconductor enjoyed EBS’ support for both the Freescale Representative Office and its LLC organizations. EBS’ combined experience and the pool of services it provides enables viewing this not singularly but as the big picture in the the company offers a complex and more effective solution to problems. Freescale is satisfied with the results of our collaboration with EBS in the fields of accounting outsourcing, financial management and tax consulting, and we would recommend the company as a reliable partner.

Elena Leschuk, Deputy Director of Freescale Semiconductor Ukraine LLC

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Western Union Financial Services GmbH

“The professional accountability and efficiency of EBS employees have directly contributed to the success of our business. I am very pleased to do business with a company that has such a high level of ethical and professional standards. I look forward to further close cooperation and wish you success in your customer relations.”

P. Gnatyuk, Regional Manager for Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Central Asia

Western Union Financial Services GmbH

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“My experience in cooperating with EBS allows me to underline the high professionalism of the company’s consultants, their deep level of understanding regarding a client’s problems, as well as a high level of responsibility in achieving results. I wish you continued success, not only for clients’ benefit, but also for Ukraine’s benefit .”

Petr Peretyatko, CEO of Slavutich

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Horizon Capital

“The company Horizon Capital is very pleased to work with EBS and its professional consultants. We have worked with EBS for many years and are pleased to have such a reliable partner in Ukraine.”

Natalia Yaresko, CEO of Horizon Capital

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Dragon Capital Partners

We have been collaborating with EBS since July 2007, when we made the decision to outsource accounting services. During the time of our collaboration, EBS proved themselves to be an efficient and professional company, which is able to meet deadlines and efficiently copes with countless Ukrainian regulatory requirements.

Our company Dragon Capital Partners experienced no problems during the time we collaborated with EBS. We enjoyed smooth and efficient working relations and thus, we would be happy to recommend EBS as a reliable and professional partner.

Oleg Laska, CFO Dragon Capital Partners

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Armstrong Europa GmbH

Let me express my gratitude to EBS for the long-term fruitful cooperation we enjoy and their high quality service.

I would like to separately highlight the smooth coordination of its staff’s work and professionalism. EBS employees quickly and efficiently perform their tasks. It has recently become a tendency to take money but not guarantee the service being presented. It is really nice to know that EBS cares about its clients. I was particularly pleased that grandiloquence of the company’s mottos are not at odds with reality. Customer care is not just empty words in their case.

Special admiration is also warranted for the thoughtfulness of the company’s pricing policy. I have huge respect for EBS due to its high quality at a reasonable price. Their services are worth every cent indicated on the invoice.

Alexey Lyapin, Head of the Armstrong Europa GmbH Representative Office in Ukraine

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Florange LLC

We at LLC “Florange” have been cooperating with the EBS company for the past two years in regards to accounting and taxation issues, as well as those concerning the legal sphere and human resources.

In this time, EBS has proven itself to be a worthy and reliable partner, and the company’s consultants and employees have shown themselves to be highly skilled and articulate in their work. We successfully passed the tax and human resources audits with EBS representatives handling this and current issues being resolved quickly. We always rely on the company’s expert opinion, and they have never disappointed us.

EBS is a key partner for us in relation to their services, in which we are confident

Florange LLC

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